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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Harrisville Truck Route Blocked

Most Of The Day

by Debbie Frederick

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Smoking Ban Bill

Stuck In Committees

by Debbie Frederick

    A large tanker truck with A&R Transport filled with plastic pellets had a “mechanical failure” Friday morning that blocked traffic in Harrisville for over four hours.

    As the truck made the turn from Main Street onto S. Stout Street it literally came apart right next to the Harrisville Volunteer Fire Department. The section closest to the hitch/connector to the semi-truck buckled and came apart dragging on the ground.

    A volunteer firefighter at the scene (who was inside the fire hall at the time) radioed in to answer the 911 page, he was willing to perform traffic control and it looked like the tanker was “broke in half!”

    Once law enforcement arrived, they informed the dispatcher at the 911 center: “You’re going to need a really big tow truck…” Nicholson Auto of Salem sent a big rig wrecker equipped with a crane to lift the tank up and allow the semi-truck to drive out from under it.

    The truck route was blocked off and traffic diverted to the Main Street and Rt. 16 (S. Spring Street) intersection until the disabled vehicle and its bulk tank could be removed.      

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    The National Weather Service urges everyone to use common sense and be prepared in case a snow and ice storm does hit.

     Snow is definitely expected Sunday and into Monday morning, but the predictions range anywhere from 1-2 inches to 4-6 inches. The greatest concern should be the ice that precedes it. Freezing rain and rain mixed with snow is expected with up to 1/100 of an inch of ice. That does not sound like much, but that is enough to create a slick surface on roads, sidewalks and steps.

Winter Storm

May Hit Area

by Debbie Frederick

RC Board of Education


6:00 p.m. Daisy Westfall Cokeley Bldg.

Pennsboro City Council

5:30 p.m. Pennsboro City Hall


Relay For Life Mtg

6:00 p.m. Pizza House


Harrisville Town Council

7:30 p.m. Harrisville Municipal Building


Cairo Town Council

7:00 p.m. Cairo Town Hall


    A vote had been planned for HB 2208 earlier in the week in the West Virginia House of Delegates. HB 2208 is officially called the Elected Official Accountability Act, because it seeks to shift the power of setting smoking bans to the elected officials of a county commission rather than local departments of health.

    If the bill is passed, each county commission will have 60 days to review and vote on whether to keep existing smoking bans in public places. If they take no action in those 60 days, any smoking bans will be lifted.

    The state County Commissioner Association is against the passage of the bill, saying it is not their job to decide health issues, but some behind closed doors are saying they do not want to be the “bad guy” on these decisions. Voting “yes” or “no” may have political ramifications for them, because there are still strong opinions on both sides of the argument for allowing smoking in public places.

     But this could allow restaurants to remain smoke-free, yet allow private groups and clubs to ability to have a smoking section.

    Two of the bill’s sponsors, including the main sponsor, are from Hancock County where a casino is located. Many locals there say business has dropped off dramatically since the smoking ban was imposed. The casinos in the state had a separate section for smoking, but now have no place at all for patrons to be able to smoke if they choose.

     HB 2208 was taken to the Committee on Political Subdivisons and from there will go to another committee called Government Organization, so it will be at least another week before it could be brought to the floor for a vote.

    Calls for a massive Winter storm may not be as bad as predicted for our area. The forecast model shows the front gradually moving Northeast above Ritchie County.



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