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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Photo courtesy of Andrea Dotson

Your connection to recreation at North Bend

State Park with rentals by the hour or the day.



Kayak: 1- or 2-person


Paddle Boat


Jon Boat


Children's bikes Cruiser or Mt. Bike

Adult Trike

Tot Trailer

Bikes w/Child Seat


North Bend Outfitters

Located at the boat ramp of the Cokeley Recreation Area in North Bend State Park.


For more information and pricing, visit our website at

NBSP Offers

Annual Wild

Foods Weekend

    Press Release - A recent issue of Country Living magazine featuring the annual Nature Wonder “Wild Foods” weekend at North Bend State Park opened with this paragraph:

    “Deer, possum, quail, raccoon, sassafras, May apples, fiddlehead fern, milkweed, Queen Anne’s Lace and pawpaw. Oh my! Guests at the annual Nature Wonder Wild Foods Weekend have an opportunity to savor such delicacies from the wild and more.” (Read the entire article at

    The 2015 event is scheduled for Sept. 18-20, and reservations for this 48th annual outdoors smorgasbord are being taken now. Participants will enjoy a full weekend of hikes, programs, and a wild foods banquet. Featured speakers include Sam Thayer of Forger's Harvest and Nature's Garden and Chris Chmiel of Integration Acres, Ltd.

    “From evergreen to deciduous, from fruiting to nut bearing, this year’s program will highlight the many uses of native trees as we forage for natural food in the forest of beautiful North Bend State Park,” said organizer Emily Fleming of the Division of Natural Resources.

    The event, North America’s premier and longest-running wild foods event, begins Friday evening and concludes Sunday afternoon. It includes speakers, presentations, nature walks, and collection and preparation of wild foods.

    The West Virginia Division of Highways will be closing Harrison Street (Ritchie County 16/29) in Harrisville today, August 4th, between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Crews will be replacing a culvert and the section between milepost 0.00 and 0.28 will be closed.

    This is the truck route through town, so watch for altered traffic on other streets that normally don’t see as many big vehicles traveling on them.

    Motorists should plan ahead and use an alternative route during this time. As always, inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances may change the work schedule.

Harrison Street

(Ritchie Co. 16/29) Will Be CLOSED Today

by Debbie Frederick

6th Grade Transition Camp

8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Ritchie County Middle School


Paw Paw Pies are being made to serve at last year’s Wild Foods Weekend At NBSP.

    City of Pennsboro officials held a public meeting last night to discuss the proposed 1% sales tax on purchases made within city limits with only a handful of residents in attendance.

    It took less than 10 minutes for voices to be raised arguing their point and around 30 minutes before Ron Dodd left the meeting followed by his son, Ronnie Dodd II, continuing to argue as they went out the door.

    Mayor Robert Riggs made a list of items “for” and “against” having the 1% sales tax to display at the front of the room. He also went over an information sheet telling what percentages the tax revenue would be used in various departments in Pennsboro.

    A committee was formed a couple of months ago to look into what it would mean to have a 1% sales tax and how it could be used. The only negative thing on the list was “It’s more taxes”.

    If the sales tax is implemented, the $4.00 per month Municipal fee would be removed. This $4.00 raises approximately $29,000 per year, and the 1% tax would net around $130,000 per year! Mayor Riggs explained that Pennsboro residents would need to spend $400.00 per month on non-grocery items to spend the $4.00 that would have been the city fee.

    Riggs and the committee estimate about 80% of the money received from the sales tax would be from people outside of town or traveling through town along U.S. Rt. 50. The amount collected was broken down on how it will be used.

Pennsboro Meeting

On 1% Tax

Quickly Turns Heated

by Debbie Frederick


is still in effect

for Ellenboro

Continued Continued

Councilman Bud Sellers makes a point in a discussion on the proposed 1% sales tax for Pennsboro at a public meeting last night.

Economic Development Authority Meeting

6:30 p.m. Thomas M Harris Museum