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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Photo courtesy of Debbie Frederick.

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Refinishing Cabin Interiors At NBSP Tedious Work  

by Debbie Frederick

No Permit For Concealed Weapons Passes WV Senate

HES 5th Grade Fundraiser

11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Shemp’s Cafe’, Cairo


past few years, have made it necessary to sand down the complete interior of all the cabins.

    The park had originally installed wooden shake roofs, and those tended to leak and eventually had to be replaced. The water marks have grown darker through the years as the wood has aged. But the tipping point to get serious about refinishing the walls was what was being carved into them.

    They were built in the 1970s, and this is the first time the job of sanding the interior has been tackled. Park employees say some of the words carved into the walls were not fit to repeat, so they didn’t want guests to be bothered by seeing them.

     Last year two cabins were sanded through and through. This year they have been hard at work sanding the walls of three more. Next year will be yet two more.

    Albert Ayers and part-time worker, Robert Parks, spend a minimum of one month on each cabin using a small hand-held electric sander. They carefully go over the wood surface and also all of the wood trim in each room. When some of the carving is particularly deep, it takes hours to smooth and blend it with the rest of the wall, so there isn’t a gouge or noticeable spot where the carving had been.  


    The West Virginia Senate passed a bill on Monday (by a 32-2 vote) that is now headed to the House of Delegates eliminating the requirement for a concealed carry permit for a handgun.

    There are currently five states that do not require the permit for concealed handguns - Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming.

    Many people are not aware that West Virginia does not require a permit to openly carry a handgun in a holster on the hip or elsewhere in plain sight. But once covered from view, such as under a jacket, coat or in a purse, the gun owner must take an approved gun safety class, register with law enforcement and carry the permit to have a concealed weapon.

    There are 31 states that allow open carry of a handgun without a permit.

    If the measure passes in the House, it will be up to Governor Tomblin whether to veto such a law allowing concealed weapons without a permit.






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Ellenboro VFD Meeting

7:00 p.m. Ellenboro Fire Hall


Farm Use Vehicles Off The Farm

by Debbie Frederick

    You have seen them all over town, all over the county and even outside of the county. They have even been parked at dwellings inside of city limits where the owner resides.

    The law designating vehicles for “Farm Use” is a help to the one who farms, but there are always those who will take advantage of it for personal gain.

    Farm Use vehicles are meant to be used getting from one tract of land to another, but may use public highways and travel farther than 35 miles if going to a business for repairs pertaining to farming o rpicking up farming supplies.

    Ritchie Online has received comments from readers with sightings of Farm Use pickups and cars parked at grocery stores, restaurants and even shopping malls.

    A vehicle declared as Farm Use does not pay property tax on the vehicle, does not need to pay for a license plate or registration fee. The owner does need to carry liability insurance on the vehicle.

    Ritchie County Assessor Arlene Mossor said a form is filled out in her office to issue a Farm Use sticker to be placed on the windshield where the inspection sticker is usually placed.   

    “Johnny Slept Here”. “Billie Loves Mary”. These kinds of sayings plus vulgar language have been carved into the log walls of the North Bend State Park cabins. That, plus visible water marks from leaking roofs in the  

Albert Ayers sands a cabin wall.