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Wednesday, July  30, 2014

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Photo courtesy of Debbie Frederick


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  Each year the Ellenboro Bash gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes with the ultimate prize being $100,000. Sponsored by the Ellenboro Volunteer Fire Department as a fundraiser, people from all over the United States buy the $100 ticket in hopes of winning one of those prizes. Those who can attend the event at the Pennsboro Speedway grounds receive free food and entertainment for the weekend “Bash.”

  This year a local man won the $100,000 grand prize. Larry DeVaughn of Cairo was presented the check by Ellenboro Fire Chief Bill Bayless.  

Local Man Wins

Ellenboro Bash

Grand Prize

By Debbie Frederick

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  Harrisville is having its Town-Wide Yard Sale Thursday through Saturday (July 31st-August 2nd). Homes all around the town and a few more nearby will join in the annual event to clear out garages and basements of unwanted items that may be the treasure you have been seeking!

  Maps showing many of the sale locations can be picked up beginning today at the Harrisville Municipal Building on Main Street.

Annual Town-Wide Yard Sale In Harrisville This Week by Debbie Frederick

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Click image to enlarge. Photo by Debbie Frederick

Blood Drive

Noon-6:00 p.m. Harrisville Woman’s-Lions Club Center


Woman In Black

Walks Through

Ritchie County

By Debbie Frederick

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  She is the talk of the nation, but no one knows much about her or why she is walking the highways in the Eastern U.S. A woman wearing a flowing black dress and mysteriously strolling along busy highways began her journey in Georgia and is now well into Ohio. Dubbed the “Mysterious Woman in Black” by the media, she traveled U.S. Route 50 through Ritchie County Sunday and kept on that route to Athens, Ohio.

  A Facebook page has been started by a fan to chronicle her travels and whereabouts by people filing reports on the page. There are YouTube videos featuring the mystery woman. She has become an instant celebrity without even seeing her face. She wears a black veil and rarely speaks.

  Those offering aid of food and water are often refused, but she has accepted at times. She has stopped to preach in parking lots, then will say she is an agent from the Pentagon and Islamic.

  Identified as Elizabeth Poles, 56, from Motts, Alabama, there is little known about the reason for her trek. A man has come forward saying he is her brother. Raymond Poles has told the media she is a U.S. Army veteran, mother of two and a widow. Elizabeth Poles had been receiving treatment at Veterans Affairs hospitals to deal with the deaths of her husband in 2008 and her father in 2009. "I wish she would come back and let us help her," he said.

  Not even her own family knows why she is walking, where it will end and the true meaning of the journey.


Until Further Notice

in the

Town of Ellenboro.

A leak was found in the waterline and repaired overnight

One of the sales along Main Street at last year’s Town-Wide Yard Sale in Harrisville.

  The Ritchie County Fair & Expo kicks off today at 3:30 p.m. with a Gospel Night. Admission is only $5 per person, or 2 canned food items.

   Planned entertainers beginning tonight at 6:00 p.m. are Josh Oldaker, Taj Rohr and Anthony Mossberg.

  This is the 13th year for the fair held at the Ritchie County 4-H Grounds just outside of Harrisville on Rt. 16. It will run from today through Saturday, August 2nd.

  For more information, call the Ritchie County Extension Office at 304-643-5200.

Ritchie County

Fair & Expo

Begins Today

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Ritchie County Fair & Expo

3:30 p.m. RC 4-H Grounds

07.30.14 to 08.02.14