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Friday, May 29, 2015

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    Press Release - West Virginia's state parks extend an invitation to take a hike to help celebrate The American Hiking Society's annual National Trails Day event. This year the national promotion is set for Saturday, June 6, 2015.

    "Public parks, organizations and outdoor enthusiasts recognize walking and hiking as healthy lifestyle activities. In West Virginia, the state park system supports the country's largest celebration of trails by inviting everyone to come out and walk a trail," said Sissie Summers, programming services coordinator. "We will offer several guided walks and hikes, but we've discovered there are many visitors who prefer setting their own pace and trail selection, and they are encouraged to participate too."

    Guided hikes have the added benefit of a naturalist or leader knowledgeable about the area, trails and natural aspects of a trail contributing to the hiking experience, according to Summers. "Regardless of whether you join in a planned hike or venture out on your own, this is a good opportunity to take a walk or a hike, preferably at a West Virginia state park."

    Hikers and walkers June 6 are encouraged to keep a mileage log, available online at under "Special Notices." Postcard-style log sheets also are available at state park offices or visitor centers June 6.

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Trails Day

    Last month, bingo games hosted by public schools in Ritchie County were stopped by School Superintendent Ed Toman with a letter to all schools and PTO organizations from Finance Director Regina Epperly explaining there was too much liability on the school district.

     It was discussed at a Board of Education meeting in April and Mr. Toman said he asked for the opinion of the State Board of Education Financial Officer, Joe Panetta, and was told it was up to the school district, but the state strongly recommended against having bingo in the schools and school organizations.

    In May, the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) from Creed Collins Elementary requested the bingo issue be reconsidered. It is several thousand dollars of fundraising money that will be lost, and they don’t know how to make up the difference if bingo is shut down. Any school that has hosted a bingo night has seen a packed house and usually up to $4,000-$5,000 come in that evening. BOE President Carolyn Bowie said at the time it should be discussed more and would be addressed again by the board.

    Mrs. Bowie did not attend the BOE meeting this week because of a death in the family, but board member Melanie Vogt-McCloy asked for a discussion about bingo when the agenda item for “Fundraisers” came up. Vogt-McCloy said people were told they would look at it again, and it’s time they did before school lets out for the summer.

    Mr. Toman reiterated his concerns, plus the fact that some schools did not have a current license to operate the bingo. Tax information needs gathered for anyone winning over $100 and that has not been done, plus

Photo courtesy of Debbie Frederick.



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Bingo Issue Revisited By BOE

by Debbie Frederick

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Ritchie County schools usually had a full house for their bingo nights and could bring in

several thousand dollars in one night. This photo is a Smithville Elementary bingo night.

Champion Agate Building Set

For Demolition

    At the last Pennsboro City Council meeting, Mayor Robert Riggs gave the OK to begin tearing down the old Champion Agate building which now belongs to the city. They are awaiting the final paperwork from city attorney Wyatt Hannah. Once that is received work should begin to clean up the site.

    The original deed dating back to the 1930s, states if the business ever ceases to operate and nothing else moves into the location, the property reverts back to the City of Pennsboro.

    The building has been condemned and now the city will take over possession.

     Mayor Riggs wants one end of the building left as storage because three sides of it are concrete block. That section can be used for storage for things such as snow removal equipment.