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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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401 W. Myles Ave.

Pennsboro, WV


Photo courtesy of Debbie Frederick


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  The “To Do” list continues to grow for the city of Pennsboro with new mayor Robert Riggs.

   At the City Council meeting Monday night he unveiled more plans for improving the infrastructure which included repairing potholes, sidewalks and the sewer system for Pennsboro.

  Councilman Bud Sellers, who is also on the city sewer board, reported crews have been working on inspecting all sewer lines in the city and have a list of manhole covers needing replaced. They have taken pictures inside the sewer lines of approximately 100 locations at the manhole accesses and 50-75 of those need some work to repair or replace.

  Bids were accepted for IVS Hydro (at $2,160 for each 8 hours of work) to provide more extensive camera monitoring of the Pennsboro sewer lines. Mayor Riggs feels repairing the lines will help the efficiency of the sewer plant overall.

  City workers have also had trouble with the valves on the water lines. A few locations needing repairs were unable to be shut off because the valves did not operate as they should. Workers had to reach down into water the connect pipe to stop the water flow.

  Antero Resources is helping the city renovate Myles Stadium. They have donated their engineers, equipment and manpower to provide an analysis for reducing and/or stopping the flooding of the park.

   Mayor Riggs initially requested they donate $25,000 towards repairs, but Antero has informed the mayor they will do the project and make as many repairs as they can at no charge to the city. This includes placing a drainage system around the park and walking track, french drains on the bleacher side of the stadium, clearing out the creek and building a rock wall from those removed from the creek, and building up the area around the tennis courts along the creek at its lowest points.

“To Do” List

Grows For


By Debbie Frederick

  A random drawing by lot will be conducted in the office of the County Clerk to determine the order of names of candidates for all offices on the 2014 General Election Ballot at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday August 26, 2014.

   Please contact the office of Tracie D. McDonald, County Clerk at (304) 643-2164, ext 226, for questions or assistance.         

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Ballot Position


Myles Stadium following a heavy  rain.

Pennsboro Park Board Has Role Defined

by Debbie Frederick

Public Meeting - Ditch The Rule

6:30 p.m. RC 4-H Grounds


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Photo by James White.

  Clarification was given for the role of Pennsboro Park Board members in association with Pennsboro City Council, but not without a few contentious words being traded back and forth.

  Pennsboro Park Board Secretary, Darla Cokeley, was present to represent their board, and was told by Mayor Robert Riggs that all finances would need to be submitted to the City Council.

   City councilman Vance Weekley is the treasurer, and according to state law should be an ex officio officer for that role with the park board as well. Mr. Weekely’s name is already on the checking account for the board, so he could write checks that are needed. All checks written must go through Vance Weekley or City Recorder, Becky Talkington.

  Cokeley asked councilman Weekley exactly what he requires from the park board, and was told a financial report at the end of each month.

  City attorney from Charleston, Wyatt Hannah, was on hand to answer questions and explained that West Virginia code 8-21-5 clearly states the city treasurer, Mr. Weekley, would be liable for all transactions with the city and with the park board, so he should be aware of all financials with the board.

  Hannah explained further that the bylaws written up and enacted in the 1980s by the newly formed Pennsboro City Park Board were in direct conflict with state law and need to be changed.

  “I don’t have a problem with that, but there are some times that Becky (Talkington)…she has written a letter saying I can only have checks this day, or written on this day, and I can’t do this on Monday, and I have to  

Ritchie Co. Farmers Market

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Pennsboro Country Roads Pageant

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Davisson Brothers Band

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